Type Aliases

The following type aliases are available globally.

  • NSURL that contains the following required components:

    • scheme - e.g. http://, https:// or the custom scheme associated with your app
    • host - this can be a Vidyo portal domain name or a deep link domain name provided by a third party such as branch.io
    • room key - a url parameter indicating the room to join

    optional URL parameters:

    • secure - a boolean value indicating whether connection to the Vidyo portal should be done over SSL (https) or not (http). Default is true.
    • guestname - the name to assign to the guest on join. Defaults to "guest".
    • onEnd - a URL encoded string containing the URL to invoke after the call ends.

    See GuestLinkFormat for supported URL formats.



    public typealias GuestLink = NSURL